Types of Corporate Events in India

Corporate Events India

corporate event is largely a group that is formed by a business to there employees and the business partners. As a leading Corporate Events Planner in India. We “Shubhsutra” entertain the events for the teams or for companies or for groups. If there will be any some business outing, we can arrange a private conference room for the meetings. We as a team, work together to make this a memorable event and can be remembered for the lifetime. We provide exclusive types of corporate events management services in India. It includes services like brand promotion, parties, fashion shows, etc.


Types of Corporate Events in India


1: Corporate awards events

Awards or gala events are sometimes luxurious events that remember the remember or action of an individual or bunch of individuals in similar industries.

2: Corporate seminars/ meetings, Educational Tours, and Corporate workshops Events in India

Corporate seminars, workshops, and conferences are a lot of informative in nature and sometimes direct on instructional functions.


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3: Exhibitions

Exhibitions are a good way to flash products and services to the market. whether or not you’re delivering the exhibition or hosting one stand.

4: Annual day celebrations

Organizing and attending annual day functions creates a bond between the owner of the business and its workers and employees.

5: Product launch

A successful introduction of a brand new product into the market.


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6: Trade shows/Fairs

It’s a chance to represent your future product into the market.

7: Roadshows

It’s an occasion formula that boosts your field promoting strategy to assist drive your brand.

8: Press conference

It is an event organized to officially distribute information to the clients, stakeholders, employees, etc. about the company.


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Through our ability and unique ideas, we make events stylish and memorable for all.

Our team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals with years of experience. Behind them in finish off and organizing various events like wedding servicescorporate events, parties, etc.



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